Follower Houses

Hey everyone. As mentioned in Town Hall, you now have the ability to create a House specifically for your followers.

If you amassed a following on Clubhouse, we are committed to helping you keep it — which is why we've created a way for you to onboard your entire following into a house. If you previously had a large number of followers - over 1000 - you will see a blue button on your profile that says “looking for your followers?” - that will guide you through setup.

Why Do I Want A Follower House

You will probably want to be able to communicate with everyone that has been following you for a while, whether that means holding rooms for them or simply just using the chat feature to give updates. With follower Houses, you can keep the audience you have built without needing to add them as friends.

Think of this House as your place to communicate, however you want; it’s an extension of your profile. We suggest that as a first step, you use the chat feature to set and establish your intentions for the House, by announcing how you plan to use it.

What Do I Need To Know

There are some important things to know about follower Houses:

  • You can NOT change the name of this house. It will be titled with your first name, unless you have a creator alias, which will take precedence.
  • You can NOT add admins or leaders; this is just your house
  • You can only do this ONE time, and people will not be automatically added to the House if they add you as a friend in the future, or if you accept new friend requests.
  • The House image will align with your profile photo. When you change it, the House will change as well.
  • Like open Houses, as the founder, you get to decide who can speak in a chat or room. You can invite anyone to a chat, and we are soon adding a “request to speak” feature for chats, so you have ultimate control over what happens in the House.
  • You cannot merge this House into an existing house or combine followers.
  • Lastly, if you have a large number of followers, please know that this could take some time to create.

Feedback? Questions?

Please send us your feedback at and we will answer as many concerns and questions as we can in the Clubhouse HQ house.

Thank you!