What’s New

Below is a quick summary of the latest updates. You can also submit feedback here, or stop by Town Hall the first Tuesday of each month at 5 PM PST in the official Clubhouse HQ house.

April 16, 2024



🗣️ Text-to-speech is now available globally!

This new feature makes it easier for you to check and reply to your chats anytime — even if you’re somewhere where you can’t talk. (Note: The ability to create a custom voice that sounds like you is still limited to the U.S. If you’re outside the U.S., text-to-speech will use a generic but friendly voice. :)

🌟 Testing a new tab: Talk more with your friends

We've expanded the test of the new center tab to the next wave of people, after seeing good usage of it in our beta group! The new tab gives you topics to talk about and makes it easy to start conversations with a swipe. Conversations are always private but you can tap the 🔍 to see the latest chats your friends are having, like being at a party where you can bump into people, wave hi, and start talking together. We hope this tab helps you get conversations started, wax philosophical, joke around, and just say hi to your favorite people more often.



  • We fixed the issue where the add photo, add link, and reply with text buttons were not appearing properly. Thanks to all of you who reported this!

Past releases

Mar 27, 2024

🌟 Testing a new tab: Talk more with your friends

We're testing a new center tab on both iOS and Android that helps you stay close with friends on Clubhouse. It gives you topics to talk about and lets you start them with a swipe.

When you start a chat, your other friends can see the topic and who you’re chatting with, but they can never see the contents of the chat itself. The Explore 🔍 tab shows you the latest chats your friends are having. Our goal is to make it feel like a party, where you can always discover great conversations, bump into friends talking and join in.

We hope this tab helps you get conversations started, wax philosophical, joke around and just say hi to your favorite people more often. It’s currently live to a subset of people in the U.S. and we’re hoping to expand soon!


💬 New Messages Tab

We’ve updated the Messages tab with some new enhancements, including:

  • 🕵️ Message previews
  • 🔵 Mark as Unread (by swiping left)
  • ⏰ Timestamps
  • 🔎 Search

We’ve found it to be much easier to use and hope you do too!


Bug Fixes

SMS/Login Issues

We are aware there have been persistent log in issues for some users, and the team is working hard to understand and address these issues. We appreciate the reports that have been submitted to our new bug reporting form.

Previous releases

  • 24.02.06,24.02.08, 24.02.13, 24.02.15, 24.02.20, 24.02.22, 24.02.27, 24.02.29, 24.03.05, 24.03.07, 24.03.12, 24.03.14, 24.03.19, 24.03.21(iOS,Android) Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • 24.02.01(iOS): Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • 24.01.30(Android) Bug fixes for VM tab crash.
  • 24.01.04 (iOS): Now, you can find friend of friends live rooms and new connections you may want to explore
  • 24.01.02 (iOS): Now, you can easily start a chat while you're in a Live Room, streamlining your experience. Plus, post photos directly without the need to add any audio – it's quick and effortless!
  • 23.12.21 (Android): Bug fixes and feature parody with IOS releases.
  • 23.12.14(iOS): Bringing back the Buddy Bar with our new “Who’s Online” feature in the VM tab.
  • 23.12.07 (iOS): Improving search to include chats, live rooms, and friends.
  • 23.11.05 (iOS): Now you can see what's new with your friends and FoF in edge stories.
  • 23.11.03 (iOS): Making chat reaction UI more prominent and easier to find.
  • 23.11.02 (Android): Gradual introduction of Chat Suggestion Prompts for a more intuitive experience.
  • 23.11.03 (Both): The 'Make Friends' tab is nearing its launch, offering a new way to connect.
  • 23.10.31 (Both): Commitment to performance optimization and bug elimination.
  • 23-10-31 (Both):
    • Enabled chat replies for members in select houses.
    • Enhanced the presence bar for immediate access and connectivity.
    • Online indicators now make it clearer to see which contacts are active.